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Golf Leagues

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Ladies League

Monday Night Men's League

Entry fees: $100.00 per man ($200 per team) registration fees. 100% returned to league via prizes and awards.

Weekly Fee: $20.00 per week for nine holes and a cart. League membership will be available for $399 which gives you golf and range privileges for the entire league season all day on league Mondays. Value: $20.00 x 17 Mondays (season) = $340.00. For an additional $59.00 you get unlimited golf and range privileges on league Mondays during league season.

Scheduled season: May 6, 2024 through September 9, 2024. No league on May 27 and September 2. 5:30pm shotgun start each week.

Format: : 2-man teams. Top eight (8) point scoring teams at end of regular season qualify for a bracket style playoff to compete for 30% of prize pool and to determine league champion. The rest of the field including playoff teams continue to compete to earn points, adding to their share of winnings from remaining 70% of pool. In the event of a tie for playoffs, head to head matchup will be tiebreaker (most points earned during H2H match). If teams have not played during the season, they will compete in a 9-hole match before the first week of playoffs to decide winner.

Starting averages: All players will begin with last year’s average. Players without an established average must play at least two rounds on each nine at Zollner in 2024 before the first night of league play in to establish an average or provide five (5) 18-hole scores from 2023-24 from any course. Verifiable league handicap will be adjusted to 80% of
average. Averages for the year will be calculated on the top 5 scores posted, fractions of .4 rounded down, .5 rounded up. You can shoot no more than four strokes over your average for averaging purposes.

Play and scoring: Play against scheduled opponents will be A player vs A player, B player vs B player. In a case where a team’s A and B players have the same average, they can choose who plays A and B (must be decided before match starts). Scoring will be: 1 point for getting your average gross; 1 point for beating your opponent net; 2 points for the team match net.

Substitutes: Subs may be used any night except during playoffs. Subs must have a USGA handicap or a VERIFIABLE league average. If not, they play at scratch, no exceptions. Each player will be responsible for finding and scheduling their own substitute. There will be a sub list available in the pro shop.

No shows: Your team will be allowed to play with one player but cannot win any team match points. Absent player will subtract 4 strokes from his average and that score will be posted as a round played. Present opponent will automatically win a point for beating his opponent providing he shoots no more than 4 over his average. The team with the absent
member will use a score of 4 over average for match score of the absent player. Present opposing players play normal trying to get their average and win their individual and team matches competing against present player and a score of 4 over average from absent player. Playoff matches cannot be won with only one player. If both opponents are absent, a card will be blind drawn from another match for you to score against after the round. Present team will play alone. ALL PUTTS MUST BE HOLED.

USGA rules: All play will be governed by USGA rules except as follows: Putts may be conceded. Local rules apply. If you are unsure of a ruling, complete the hole playing two balls and check the proper rule after the round.

Payouts: To be determined based on number of teams in league. Final two teams cannot split the money (we need a winner for the league champion plaque).

Rainouts: In the case of inclement weather and a week is cancelled, it will NOT be made up. The match is void and no
points are earned.