Club Fittings

Zollner Golf Course uses the best technology and top equipment in golf to fit each player for the perfect set of clubs to help them reach their goals.

A custom fit set helps all players from professionals to beginners play their best.


The Process:

Step 1:  The fitting begins with you hitting your current clubs to measure current distance and shot dispersion. Zollner’s PGA Professional will assess current equipment performance.

Step 2: You will be measured to determine appropriate equipment length.

Step 3: The PGA professional will begin to assemble different clubs and shafts based on your swing specifications. Based on performance, the PGA Professional will continue to change and modify aspects of the club such as shaft, length, lie angle and loft until the shot results are optimized.

Step 4: After determining the best club specifications for your game, the PGA Professional will work with you to optimize your set so all distances are covered and club gapping is correct.  

Step 5: The PGA Professional orders your custom set! Once delivered, the PGA Professional inspects the equipment for the perfect fit. You are then ready to take them to the course!

Fitting Options

$50 is credited towards purchase

Full Bag Fitting (90 Min.) – $99

(Driver, Irons and Wedges)

Iron Fitting (60 min.) – $79

Distance Discovery – $79 (60 Min.) Stop missing greens and start selecting the correct club! Learn your true distance with each club in your bag. Zollner’s PGA Professional will work with you through your bag and put together your personal distance chart.

Contact Jon Busscher, PGA Head Golf Professional to schedule your fitting. (260) 665-4803 email: